Solar power to light Filipino homes in rural areas

Different organizations funded a total of more than $16 million in order to provide electricity  power to over 40,000 poor households in various rural areas in the Philippines.



The Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid (GPOBA) of the World Bank provided $3 million while the European Union granted $12.8 million. The Department of Energy of the Philippines also pledged to give additional contribution to raise the fund.

According to the World Bank, the project will be focused mainly on providing electricity (to be powered by solar energy) to households located in isolated islands and remote areas all throughout the Philippines. The organization also believes that the lack of electricity is one of the primary reasons for the increase of marginalization.


Although the project will be implemented across the Philippine archipelago, it will give more priority to the households in Mindanao that are widely affected by the ongoing conflict between the military and the rebel groups. Poverty in the conflict-affected areas in Mindanao are reported to be disproportionately high. Nearly one third of the poor people in these areas are still suffering from dark nights because of the absence of electric power.

As said by the World Bank Country Director for the Philippines Mara K. Warwick, “The certified solar packages will ensure not only lighting but will also provide households with energy efficient appliance packages including televisions, radios, phone chargers and fans.”

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Drinking Kefir Milk

I believe that almost all the people in this world would like to be physically fit and healthy. Em I right? Today, I would like to introduce some healthy fermented called “kefir”. Out of curiosity I decide to  purchase some life way kefir in our local grocery store .

Life Way Kefir

As you can see, there are a lot kind of flavor from plain kefir to kefir smoothie mixed with fruits! I pretty sure the company is selling well, LOL! The taste was just like yogurt, I can’t even distinguish it.

As you can see in the packaging, they even highlight  the word “probiotic”, I really wonder what is probiotic. So I decide to research more about kefir, guess what? I did learn a lot of things about kefir, the most important one is – kefir is better than yogurt and both of them are consider to be a fermented milk! Wow!

Upon researching, I learned that I can also create my very own kefir drink. I just need to buy kefir grains and video course!

My 1st goal was to create a plain kefir, I was very nervous and excited. Luckily, it wasn’t that hard to make one. Then after, doing it several times, I store up my own kefir milk then mix it with some fruity to make my own kefir smoothie drink.

It was an awesome experience for me, I never imagine that it could be this simple.

For people who want to know more about kefir:

If you have time, I would highly recommend you to create your own kefir supply, it just as simple as 1,2 and 3! Cheers!

Interesting Facts about Kratom (Information Graphic)

Kratom Information graphic

Kratom Information Graphics

How much do you really know about kratom? Which of these is actually true and which are not? Some of the major myths surrounding kratom is that it is unsafe, addictive, not medically-useful, illegal, and that it is considered substance abuse to take it.

The reality behind all these myths could actually surprise you. Kratom basically shows no negative effects and is not habit forming once ingested. It also has more benefits than some prescription drugs. Kratom is also deemed legal by the Drug Enforcement Agency. People who enjoy kratom are also some of the most productive and healthy members of society.



Kratom and Its Benefits for Users

Known for its many medicinal properties, kratom of the Rubiaceae family has been an alternative to pain relievers and some over-the-counter and prescription medicines. Users of this herb claim that it increases endurance, energy, alertness, plus many other positive effects to one’s mood.

Kratom powder

Also known as Mitragyna speciosa, kratom naturally grows in Thailand and Malaysia, although users have tried and succeeded cultivating the plant in several other countries around the world. It thrives in humid places, such the natural climate in Southeast Asia.

Euphoria is an emotional condition wherein one experiences overwhelming happiness, elation, joy, and excitement. Altogether, these feelings bring an intense sense of contentment. This is more likely the reason why the natural herb is effective as an anti-depressant and stress-reducer.

If you get kratom and use a small dose of anything between 2 and 6 grams, the effect is more likely stimulant-like. When one is in the stimulant level, his mind becomes more alert and his physical and sexual energy are increased. It gives the person the ability to perform hard, repetitive physical work. Furthermore, in this state, the person may become more sociable, talkative, and friendly.

Today, Kratom is widely distributed online as tea or crushed leaves in capsules. Traditionally, however, it was boiled, smoked or chewed as medicine and energy enhancer. Native people in Southeast Asia who used to hunt for hours in dense jungles made sure to have a dose of kratom to regain or prolong their energy, vitality and strength. As they come home from the hunt, they took another whiff or drink to muster more energy to spend with their wives.

At 7-15 grams or the medium dose, the person may either feel stimulated or in the euphoric/sedated/analgesic level. When on this level, one may feel less sensitive to both emotional and physical pain. It is also possible that because of the intense feeling of calmness and comfortable pleasure, one may feel like entering an enjoyable dreamy state.

Larger dosages of kratom can be harmful, especially for first-timers. A dose of 16-25 grams can be too strong for some people, while bring only a euphoric/sedated/analgesic effect to others. Note that an even a higher dosage of 26-50 grams is very strong and is no longer beneficial to most people.